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Max's penis is so engorged right now. God, sometimes i just love to sit and look at how massive and beautiful it is. It could really do sum damage on a tight ass... ohhhh say the tight ass of a little boy band member named Nick Lachey?! Ive always wanted to stick that boy w/ my love tool and spray my juices all up inside him.. tee hee.. I love when i get nasty!

Me and J. Lo have been real close lately and im SO happy!! Shes my savior, my princess, my everything!! Dont tell but im planning on buying her a huge rock.. no not an engagement ring, but just something that i picked out for my precious poopiekins. *she loves when i slap her pussy and call her that* hehe.. God i havent seen anyone around lately!! Gwen is basically dead, and so is Jennifer Love.. i mean i never see them post anymore, i hope they are ok!! But oh well, back to my massive penis. I have been starting to write a new song about how amazing my cock is. It goes somethin like this.

"My swollen glands are piling up
ready to shoot out what love i got
Sprayin over ya'll in a pot
Now come over here and sniff my crotch
You know you wanna!
Nick Lachey, Wash your butt
Get ready for sum beefy fuck!

Justin Timberlake wants it.
J. Lo's got it in her mouth right now
Not everyone can be this lucky
Nick Carter beg's me "whip it outie"
My Cock's so huge
My cock's so nice
My cock has a number.. that number is you!

Lonnie tried to suck it
but i just punched his fat fucking head
Wade sucked it last week
Damn he gives bad head
Dont know why that faggot loves him
He beats the bitch, poor Justin Just
And then he rams the oven hardcore(if ya know what i mean)
I hate the pair, that freaky duo
I hope he gets cancer, and aids to boot yo!
Speakin of a boot, You got a needle?!
Vanna's on her way - Wanna get this bitch fucked up!
and make her fuckin choke
On the dick, and the cum
But shes a bad bad bitch
She handles it like a pro
Slut, why dont u down my juicy flo

My dick is huge i cant deny
Pulsating a spew.. sometimes in your eye
Anal sex is what it loves the most
Im hopin to stick it to everyone that post's"

That was it.. so u guys like it?! hehe.. i cant wait to put it to music!! its gonna be a fucking #1 no DOUBT!!!!!!!
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