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Max is SO confused right now. I love J. Lo more than anything in this world.. even more than my hundreds upon hundreds of hit songs!! And thats ALOT!!!!!!
But she got married this weekend and i dont know how to feel about this. I know she loves me too, but why would she get up and get married?! *sigh* sometimes max doubts his existance... wait, no i dont, im amazing!!

Well the only thing i want right now is to be in the arms of J. Lo.. To feel her breath on my head as we sleep cuddled close together.. TO feel her big lucious breasts pressed against my face.. To feel her dripping vagina pressed against my pulsating cock... i mean.. sorry!

I love you J. Lo and i hope that the wedding was becaseu you were drunk.. plus.. HES A DANCER!!!! Who the fuck cares about dancers??!!! No offense Jorge..

When this whole thing blows over We will be stronger than ever.. and our sex will be magnificent! Well baby, Let me know what you want right now.. I still want to marry you someday, your the one i want to spend my millions on. :) *kisses*
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