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la la la

So i guess today is Eminem's birthday.. huumm.. ever wonder if Eminem has a big penis or a little penis? I mean he is a white boy so it cant be TOO big, but ya never know? *slurp* oh look at me, gettin myself all worked up.

So today i was reading nickolas_carter Journal and DAMN he is one depresed boi, nothing positive is ever spoken of in his entries. Kinda makes me feel bad for a second, but then i just think of him naked and cringe.. Has that boy lost weight yet? he used to be one little peice of ass when we were writing songs for "backstreet boys" the "first" album.
*sigh* i havent seen Jennifer in a few days and im starting to get really hurt :( Shes never on AIM, but she does reply to my posts :) I wonder, are we stil even getting married? Is she divorced to that fucking peice of trash? Ugh, a dancer, who the fuck marries a dancer? Im sure hes just fucking straight as a circle.. I wouldnt mind hittin it w/ both of them though.. hey J. bring ur boy to bed w/ us before you divorce his poor dancering peice of shit ass.. Speaking of ass.. anyone wanna have anal sex? and speaking of Anal sex, where the fuck has nick_lachey been?! he was all about my dick for like 3 days and then he disapeared.. whatever, thats those boy band homo's for ya, always cumin and goin in all diffferent directions. whatever. im outie!
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