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Jesus My Goodness

Can you beleive these mustbepop morons!? THey have a new community called This_pop_life.. its more ridiculous than the first one and all they do is shit like

*lance pulls down his pants*
*jon timberlake wraps his fist around his small peker*
*justin timberlake strips fast*
*Hannah lactates in the corner while fingering herself*
*Justin slaps lance's pussy and kisses him softly*
*wade comes in, sees justin, beats the fucking shit out of him, screams violently and drags justin out of the room*
*Jon Continues jerking lance off*
*lance cums in .5 seconds all over Jon*
*Hannah lactates in a cup and everyone takes a sip*

God they r so lame.. At least they should talk about sex stuff instead of like how they love eachother.. yeah, you love eachother, now tell us how you fuck like dirty pigs! Dayam.. we should all start a fucking community like that! we would have a ball!!
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