Martin Sandberg (AKA: Max Martin) (max_martin) wrote in homeless_jim,
Martin Sandberg (AKA: Max Martin)

Suck A Dick

Has anyone ever tried to suck their own dick? I shot a load in my own mouth :) it was so hot and creamy! ::Licks lips::
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hmm...I think that if I had a'd be tempted to try just that...::that sounds wrong::

I think you should disregard everything I just said...

by the way, I got to your journal by random search. It's a pretty interesting life you lead...Aaron Carter and all...
Aaron Carter is my slut.
hey, whatever floats your boat...but don't u think he's a little too young for you???
eeeh, pedophile schmedophile. Call me what you will, but damn that boy has a tight, sweet lil' ass.
Opps.. i mean, i NEVER had sex with Aaron Carter in exchange for a clump of loose change and a lollipop... EVER!! disturbing...I don't think I have any more comment other than that.
I'll have to agree... he is one sexy guy... I'd like to suck on him all the time
yeah you're starting to creep me out. lolz. buh byez
Check out these Asian-on-white (Asian guys fucking white girls) porn sites.
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And god knows how many more.