Martin Sandberg (AKA: Max Martin) (max_martin) wrote in homeless_jim,
Martin Sandberg (AKA: Max Martin)

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Aaron's Partay!

So im listening to the dreaded Aaron Carter, trying hard to refrain my ears from bleeding.
I cant beleive people payed money for this shit!! God this is worse than that song i wrote for Bon Jovi.. but damn they gave good head!

Wow, I hate Aaron Carter..

Boom, put in the pussy like SLAM!!
heard the bitch screamin out "DAMN"
I swear that im strippin her for fact
and thats how i raped

Damn did you rape that bitch?
How did you get her to hump?
want me to rub it like hardcore?
Give me that infintile penis
Mamma make it all betta :)

~~I pay my repsects to the great songs of our time.... ::puts loaded gun to my head::
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